Agent Log in | For Pros | Cooperation Hotline:400-890-0000 ext. 197145, a Colossal in Chinese Real Estate is China’s most well known real estate brand. With more than 3.5 million unique Chinese viewers on our website every day, we welcome you to join and leverage off our formidable brand name.

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Welcome to the Middle Kingdom

We understand setting up an office in China can be daunting. At, it is simple to set up your online shop using our portal and allowing our team of experts to take care of your sales and marketing tasks.

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Chinese Purchasing Power

US$13.5 billion was the amount Chinese invested in the overseas real estate market in 2013. Allow us to guide you through a lucrative business expansion opportunity.

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I can’t Speak Chinese

Translating to get your message across is one thing, but to style it in a way that is engaging and leaves a lasting impression with the Chinese client is another. Our team of professionals is trained to achieve just this.

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Our Platform for You

Fang International offers over 1 million property listings from 30 countries. Chinese buyers could directly contact with agents or real estate experts by Fang app and Fang wap. With various social media, Weibo, WeChat, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, we give you great exposure to Chinese buyers.

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